Warranty Information

Proof of purchase or item registration through SpinTech is required to redeem warranty. Ordering online, over the phone, or in person (and filling out a registration sheet) will register your purchase for warranty. 

All SpinTech Items include a 30 day warranty. Items can be returned within 30 days for defects or if the item does not fit your intended use. Item can not be damaged or tampered with in order to receive exchange or a full refund. 

After 30 days the item's parts branch into their own extended warranties. Items can be returned for defects during normal use. Items physically damaged will not be fully covered by warranty, but we may be able to offer a discount to replacement parts for a previously ordered product - please call us for information on this. Any items that have been tampered with or modified will not be eligible for full refund or exchange. 

The parts that include extended warranties are as follows:

SpinTech Mechanism - 4 years

EZ Digital Timer - 2 Years

12 Volt Motor - 1 Year

Texas Edition 12 Volt Motor - 6 Months

6 Volt Control Unit (MOTOR OR TIMER DEFECTS) - 6 Months

12 Volt Solar Panel - 1 Year

6 Volt Solar Panel - 1 Year