SpinTech Spinner Mechanism Maintenance

*scroll down for instructions on how to clean your spinner mech

SpinTech – Built to Last

Good news hunters, SpinTech Feeders are built to last!

Over the past few months, several SpinTech supporters toutet their 10+ year old SpinTech 12 Volt Control Units.

We want everyone who uses our products to have the same kind of success and longevity, so we want to offer a few SpinTech maintenance tips, specifically about our patented, varmint rejecting, windproof, SpinTech Spinner Mechanism.

Cleaning Your SpinTech Spinner Mechanism

We recommend a good cleaning of your SpinTech mechanism every year. Corn dust builds up over time and can jam up the screw shaft, potentially stopping your spinner from either dropping or sealing shut. With the latest season winding down, now would be a good time to give that screw shaft a little attention, especially for longtime SpinTech product owners!

Here are the steps for cleaning your spinner “mech”:
  • Necessary equipment:
    • Water
    • Dawn Dish Soap
    • Bucket
    • Wire brush/sponge.
  1. Go to your feeder (best if done when feeder is empty*)and mix a generous amount of Dawn Soap and water in a bucket.
  2. Wet your wire brush or sponge with your soapy water and begin gently scrubbing the spinner mechanism. Focus on the screw shaft and the black polymers that the screw shaft feeds through.
  3. Manipulate the spinner plate so that covered areas of the screw shaft are revealed and clean these areas.
  4. Splash some clean water to clear out the soap and excess dirt.
  5. Test your feeder multiple times to dry.
  6. Lubricate the screw shaft with your choice of lubricant and test several more times.

*Though it is recommended to clean the mechanism while the feeder is empty, It can still be done while it is full. Simply, shove a small hand towel up and into the funnel that protrudes out of the hopper where the spinner plate sits, but not too far to where corn can flow around the towel. This trick works anytime you need to work on your control system.