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About Us

Spintech is the new generation of corn feeder and broadcast spreaders. We patented a highly sophisticated spinner system that not only goes around but also goes up and down, opening and closing the feeder or spreader system. No more loss of feed or seed due to wind, varmints or vibrations from a mounted spreader. You need to see our full line up of deer feeders, seed and fertilizer spreaders, and our salt spreaders.

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Awesome 3 Times! #BestInTexas

Eddie PerkinsHunter

I am from Monterrey Mexico and I go to Spintech (San Antonio, Texas) to buy feeders since their quality is excellent. Congratulations [to Spintech Spreaders]. #1InTexas

Mauricio SalazarHunter

I have a Spintech Smart Blind that has Green Lights and a Phone Charger inside. I've had this blind for a long time and love it! #BestInTexas

Randall DickensHunter

Spin Tech is the number one feeder that is all me and my family use we have some spin tech feeders tht are eight years old all we have done is change the battery you cannot get that out of anything else on the market everything else is just junk. #bestintexas #spintechfeeders

Trampas HensleyHunter

Best feeder in Texas, by far the GREATEST product! #SpintechFeeders

David CordonaHunter

Some of the best hunting products by far; Spintech has been past down for generations in my family. There is no other company I'd recommend. Thank you for developing some of the most amazing products on the market today. Keep up the good work. #SpintechFeeders

Dr. Julio OrtizHunter

Great feeder. I have had mine for four years now... Still, not even one problem. #SpintechFeeders


Scott CochrinHunter

Spintech went above and beyond with my very large order. They helped me save money with freight shipping and their entire team made sure things ran smoothly. I would use them again in a heartbeat. #SpintechFeeders

Joseph SmithHunter