12 Volt Solar Panel Installation Instructions

SpinTech 12 Volt Solar Panel Assembly/Installation

1.Install the small angled bracket to the top of the solar panel using the smaller of the two types of screws. Make sure the “point” of the angle facing the back side of the solar panel.

1.1The top can be identified by the positioning of the pre-drilled mounting holes - they are centered at the top of the panel (where you will mount during this step) and positioned closer to the back of the panel at the bottom (where you will mount during the next step).

2. Using your other set of small screws, install the hinged bracket to the bottom of the solar panel with the protruding rounded hinge facing away from the solar panel. (positioning pictured below)

3.Run your wiring harness to the battery compartment of your feeder unit.

3.1[FOR SPINTECH BRAND 12 VOLT FEEDER] To access the interior of the control unit with your solar panel wiring harness, pop out the pre-laser serrated hole on the back (opposite side of spintech sticker) of your control unit.

4. Mount your Solar Panel to your feeder.

4.1 [FOR SPINTECH BRAND 12 VOLT FEEDER] You will have the following pre-pressed divots on the back and bottom of your control unit.

4.1.1 One pair is just above the hole you popped out on the previous step - use your larger screws to mount the top of the solar panel (small angle side) here.

4.1.2The other pair are at the bottom of the control unit near the back side - use your other large screws to mount the other end of your hinged bracket here. The solar panel will naturally align itself into an optimal place by the nature of the mounting locations.

4.2 For General Mounting to a Non-SpinTech, use the large screws to mount the solar panel to the side of your hopper, or wherever you see fit. They are self-tapping screws so mounting can be quite flexible.

5 Wire your solar panel to your battery via the clips at the end of the wiring harness. If you are piggybacking wires onto your battery, make sure your solar panel is the first point of contact with the battery. The solar panel’s positive and negative wires are brown and blue rather than red and black.

5.1 Brown = Red/Positive, Blue = Blue/Negative

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