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Spintech Deer Feeders

We specialize in Broadcast Spreaders, Deer Feeders, Salt Spreaders, Fertilizer Spreaders, Lawn Mower Spreaders, ATV Spreaders and Seed Spreaders. What makes SpinTech the new generation of spreaders and deer feeders is our patented SpinTech positive locking system. Not only does the spinner plate rotate, but it also goes up and down locking closed when the motor is off. SpinTech can spread almost anything including salt, fertilizer, corn,  palletized lime, grass seed, agriculture planting seed, and food plot products. In addition, SpinTech makes the best deer feeders that are VARMINT AND WIND PROOF. The payoff is you confidently know that you are getting an even and thorough spread precisely where it is needed. You are also assured of no loss of product.

If you are using our deer feeders you can be confident that you are saving time and money because our SpinTech mechanism assures you that birds, hogs and varmints, such as squirrels and raccoons, cannot get to your feed due to the locking spinner plate. In the broadcast spreader application you never loose feed or seed due to uneven terrain and or road conditions.

Best of all there are no hoppers or levers to open or close to regulate feed or seed on our deer feeders, salt spreaders and broadcast spreaders.

Tel: 1-877-332-3371
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